Dougal Shaw

Video Journalist

Covering the digital revolution shaping our lives

About me

I started out following my passion for history, planning to be a history academic. I stayed on at Cambridge University to complete a PhD in 17th century history, but by the time I'd finished it, I knew the academic life was too sedate for me. I managed to join BBC News as a researcher on the Hardtalk interview programme, where I worked my way up to be a producer. I was about to leave, when I was offered the chance to be sole producer in charge of a new arts strand called Hardtalk Extra. I did this show for two years, travelling round the world to interview big names like Dolly Parton, Penelope Cruz and Salman Rushdie. But as a producer I realised something: I didn't like telling camera people what to film, or editors what to edit. I just wanted to do it myself. So I trained up as a Video Journalist (VJ), a new breed that was emerging in news. Video Journalists are the exemplars of modern, digital news. We can do everything: shoot, light, edit, produce and report too, all by ourselves. I've been a VJ now for around 5 years. For most of that time I've been the Technology VJ at BBC News, covering tech stories around the globe. In 2013 I was chosen to be one of the founding VJs of the Video Innovation Lab, which set up #BBCTrending and BBC Shorts on Instagram, two highly successful digital offerings. At the start of 2015 I started a new role as a Video Innovation Journalist with BBC Business News, looking at new ways to make shareable video content for social media. I set up the successful strand CEO Secrets. I've given talks and spoken on panels on issues surrounding popular culture and the digital revolution at places like Cambridge University, Glasgow University, The Almeida Theatre in London and the Broadcast Video Expo.


I work and live in London, UK.